DE Insight Smart Energy at your Fingertips
In one simple easy to manage app, the DE Insight APP ticks many boxes that will instantly upgrade your home to a smart home. The state-of-the-art technology gives you the flexibility to store, monitor and manage your home's solar energy via an easy-to-control system.
The DE Insight Energy IQ – How it works
Working with a large number of solar panels and battery systems, the DE Insight app is first of its kind to be able to remotely measure and control energy from a cloud platform. Synchronising your home's inverter and battery data from the inverter cloud platform, the DE learning algorithm allows you to accurately monitor your daily electricity consumption.
    Energy supply that is at its peak at mid-day, and replenishes itself daily. The DE Insight app monitors your solar production.
  • SAVE
    Without you having to control it, the DE Insight app instructs your battery inverter when to charge and discharge for optimal performance. You can now store up excess energy for use at a later time or at peak times when charges are at its highest.
    You and your household consume energy as usual. The DE learning algorithm is put to work, as it learns when your peak and low usage times are.
    When you know you have more than your household can use, sell it at a fair price to earn some money towards your monthly electricity bill.
Export electricity only when you have more than you can use
You will learn how easy it is to manage and allocate the precious electricity you have generated. Sometimes you end up saving more when you save your own generated electricity for your own needs rather than feeding it back to the grid.
The DE Insight App has intelligence to help you do just that.
Learn and compare your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly consumption – real time, any time of the day.
We've built a fantastic mobile app that helps you understand in real time how much energy you're using how much it is costing, and it even helps figure out what specific appliances are costing you using the real-time feature.